Gift card + donation

What is a gift card + donation?

A much better gift card! We provide gift cards from partner stores such as Amazon, Decathlon or Carrefour and for each card we make a donation to the NGO of your choice. The company does not pay more for gift cards, employees do not receive less amount, the donation is made by us and in this way, together, we build a better world

The best retailers
Gift card + donation

Let the employees choose and always get it right

The perfect mix between technology, personalized care for each employee and, most importantly, social purpose through donations

Thanks to the Flexoh by Betterfly App, each employee will be able to choose their favorite gift, getting the investment has the maximum impact on the staff's satisfaction

Why gift cards + donation?

Because they are the same gift cards that you already know, but they also generate donations for NGOs that fight against hunger, climate change, serious illnesses...

Company and employees do not pay more, we take care of it of the donation distributing our benefit

Gift card + donation