How does Flexoh Flexible Compensation work?

Without consulting or start-up costs, at Flexoh we focus on success

Your Flexible Compensation plan in motion in just two weeks

Fully configurable and customizable: look & feel and customization of benefits, processes, reports... Welcome to true flexibility!

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Agile consulting

Our consulting process is agile and direct, avoiding time wasting and simplifying HR labor


Configuration and customization

Everything is configurable and customizable! Corporate image, texts, processes... totally tailored for each company without extra cost


Plan launch

A good launch is the key to the success of the plan: webinars, mailings, face-to-face talks, videos and much more


Monthly reports

Reports tailored and compatible with all ERPs: Navision, Sage, SAP, Epsilon... accessible from Web / App, SFTP or through our API Rest

More than 250 companies already trust Flexoh


Flexoh ♡ Flexible Remuneration

We directly manage all the benefits, eliminating additional costs and administrative work

Flexible Compensation experts

Flexoh is the only company that is dedicated exclusively to Flexible Remuneration, we focus all our energy in it 💪 Others will want you to use their cards or contract their insurance

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What makes us unique...

... and make our clients fall in love 😍

Systems connection

Flexoh integrates easily with your ERP through API Rest, allowing automated processes: registration, cancellation and updating of employees. The platform also gives HR easy access to a complete monthly report fully customizable according to your needs

Easy platform

Flexoh is very visual and intuitive. View your monthly savings whenever and wherever you want from a single web platform and mobile App. Plan or choose each month how much of your payroll you want to allocate to benefits. Edit the amounts easily as many times as you need

Zero work

Once the plan is launched, the increase in work for HR will be exactly ZERO. Our automated software takes care of everything! The employee requests what he wants and at Flexoh we take care of the rest: launch of the plan, management with suppliers, training...

Total customization

We like flexibility! A totally tailored suit adapted to each organization needs and strategy. From the design of the platform with your company look & feel, to the benefits you want to offer your employees

Increase the salary of your employees

Reducing taxes and without increasing your workload 😉

Simulate your company's savings

Number of employees your company has




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*Simulation carried out with an average salary of € 26,000 per year and € 2,000 flexible remuneration.

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