retribucion flexible seguro medico

The keys to the Transport Card within your Flexible Remuneration Plan

Know all the details about the transport card benefit

Motivate your staff, while contributing positively to the sustainability and environmental policies of your company. Betting on a flexible compensation plan with benefits such as the transportation card translates into more satisfied employees and a greater ability to attract and retain talent.

For the company, it has a direct impact on the income statement, since it is a product that is 100% deductible from Corporation Tax. In addition to being one of the keys to increasing productivity by betting on the happiness of employees.

With this benefit, the worker saves with each trip on public transport (bus, subway, suburban, suburban train, medium and long distance). For employees who use a subscription with an exact cost every month or with variable consumption. Thanks to your card format, payments can be made at any point of sale, both physically and online. It also works for Renfe.

With Flexoh, the employees can modify the amounts from any device, see in our simulator the savings, check their movements and much more.