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The keys to the Kindergarten Benefit or nursery check within your Flexible Remuneration Plan

Know all the details of the daycare scholarship or daycare deduction

Improving the purchasing power of your employees is more than ever child's play, whether you are a large or small company. Going for a flexible compensation plan with benefits such as kindergarten translates into more satisfied employees and a greater ability to attract and retain talent.

For the company, it has a direct impact on the income statement, since it is a product that is 100% deductible from Corporation Tax. In addition to being one of the keys to increasing productivity by betting on the happiness of employees.

For the employee, this benefit represents a saving of up to 3 monthly payments per year, since it is exempt from personal income tax with no limit on the amount. It allows you to pay the monthly fee for any nursery, whether or not it is a nursery school. It is also compatible with other aids such as a working mother.

Thanks to Flexoh, the worker can manage this benefit directly from the platform, see in our simulator how much is saved, check their movements and much more.