retribucion flexible seguro medico

The keys to Health Insurance within your Flexible Remuneration Plan

Know all the details of the health insurance benefit

Improving the work environment, promoting health and reducing absenteeism has never been easier. Betting on a flexible compensation plan with benefits such as private health insurance translates into more satisfied and engaged employees. In addition to greater ability to attract and retain talent.

For the company, it has a direct impact on the income statement, since it is a product that is 100% deductible from Corporation Tax. In addition to being one of the keys to increasing productivity by betting on the well-being of employees.

Thanks to company health insurance, the worker enjoys the beneficial conditions available to the group to which he belongs. The private policy will allow you to access a multitude of private centers, specialties and diagnostic tests without endless waiting lists.

Thanks to Flexoh the employees can contract this benefit for themselves or for their families from any device, see in our simulator how much can you save, check conditions, doctors available and much more.